Why use Code Finder?

Code Finder allows you to search any number of companies based on the company name, returning information on their primary listing ISIN and official name from our extensive database of 30,000+ company listings across 97 markets. Make finding companies and portfolio analysis a breeze, with this simple to use service.

Search results are available to be downloaded in CSV format.

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50 searches

  • Search for companies by name,
  • Global coverage of companies,
  • Get listing ISINs,
  • Get listing markets.


3000 searches / month
0.81 cents / search

  • Everything in Free
  • PLUS
  • Results download available,
  • Weightings available.

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25000 searches / month
0.70 cents / search

  • Everything in Premium,
  • PLUS
  • Company websites,
  • Includes Advanced Settings to adjust search criteria & algorithms.